Kami preformed all of my ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy and she was EXCELLENT. Not only did she know exactly what she was doing but she left a huge mark on my heart was just as kind as can be. Would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Rebekah Wright | 5-Star

Kami is amazing!! She did all the Sonos for our 3rd child. She is so sweet and explained everything as she did it. If we ever have baby #4 we will definitely go to her for Sonos.

Hannaha Ramsey | 5-Star

Colby DeKoker | 5-Star

Kami did several sonograms for me, of our second daughter! She is extremely intelligent & knowledgable in her profession. You can tell she loves her job so much & that she takes great pride in her skill. The best video & pictures we have of Harlo in utero, were done by Kami! I am so excited she will be so close & local to so many! Kami is the type of Medical Professional that is a blessing to have apart of your pregnancy! 

Kami done my last two sonograms with my son. She is very polite and makes sure you feel comfortable. She is able to answer any questions you have. And you leave satisfied. Knowing accurate measurements, dates, and having great pictures of your new little love.

Brooklyn Simmons | 5-Star

Stacy Archer Rammage | 5-Star

Kami is amazing, caring and very good at her job. I went in for a vaginal sonogram (I'm sure I'm calling this wrong) and she found my tumors! Other tests were saying it was nothing but she found them and it was cancer! I feel in my heart she saved my life!